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LSS 84: Wildlife, Viruses and Pandemics

Fruit Bat (source: Alternative Path, Creative

In today’s show and in future shows, Locally Sourced Science will be covering different scientific topics relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, you’ll hear a feature from veterinarian and Cornell graduate student Dr. Scarlett Lee. She speaks with Dr. Steven Osofsky, a wildlife veterinarian at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.  He talks about the evidence that SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, came from wild species being sold in urban markets.  Osofsky then discusses why governments must put a stop to the trade and sale of wildlife species in order to conserve those species and maintain human, animal and environmental health.

Honeybee (courtesy of

Later in the show, in observance of early spring and the re-emergence of flora and fauna, you’ll hear a lively aural landscape of birds and bees.  Cornell student Ben DeMoras, who attended last summer’s workshop on applied science communication at Cornell’s Shoals Marine lab on Appledore Island, talks about some of the research being done on the Island. 

Show Producer: Esther Racoosin

Interviews: Dr. Scarlett Lee, Ben DeMoras

Music: Joe Lewis, Blue Dot Sessions, Ben Jordan

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