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LSS 75: Quantum Computing and Computing in Operations Research

In this show Liz Mahood interviews Dr. Peter McMahon, Cornell Assistant Professor of Applied and Engineering Physics.  He walks us through quantum computers and what they are used for.

Later in the show, Esther Racoosin speaks with Dr. David Shmoys, Professor in the Cornell School of Operations Research and Information Engineering.  He is also a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science and is the Associate Director of the Institute for Computational Sustainability.

He talks about his recent research article, “Analytics and Bikes: Riding Tandem with Motivate to Improve Mobility.”

Producer:  Cecil Barnett-Neefs

Interview of Dr. Peter McMahon:  Liz Mahood

Interview of Dr. David Shmoys:  Esther Racoosin

Science News:  Patricia Waldron

Science Events Calendar:  Luisa Torres

Music:  Show Theme by Joe Lewis, Cêcê Giannotti.

Photo:   Dr. David Shmoys, Dr. Eoin O’Mahony, (courtesy of Dr. David Shmoys, Cornell University).

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