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LSS 51: Coastal Resilience Specialist Helen Cheng and Foldscopes

In this episode we explore how natural systems can coincide with people. Joining in the discussion is New York Sea Grant’s Coastal Resilience Specialist Helen Cheng, whose position is supported through a partnership with the Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay.

“How I define myself as coastal resilience specialist is really connecting [people to] science and making science usable for coastal communities,” says Cheng.

In addition to news and calendar updates, enjoy a short science-in-the-classroom program about foldscopes, a low-cost, origami-based microscope that can be assembled and deconstructed in minutes.

Contributors: Kitty Gifford | Daniel Kolbin | Liz Mahood | Nick Segerson

Producer: Candace Limper

Music: Show Theme by Joe Lewis, CĂȘcĂȘ Giannotti.